August 20, 2019 Tuesday

Post Work

Easy Bike, Row, or Jog for 10-15 min. Use this as a cool down or push the pace a bit if you like.

August 19, 2019 Monday

Odd Object Heavy Day!!

3 sets if 100' length. Rest as needed between each set and adjust loading as needed.

You choose the weight!

3 Sets, You Choose the Weight

3 Sets --50' Suitecase Carry (right) Front Rack Carry (left) --50' Suitecase Carry (left) Front Rack Carry (right) //Rest :90 sec between sets.//

Adjust load as needed each set.

August 17, 2019 Saturday

Teams of 2

Partner 1 starts on the hang snatch and partner 2 on the row. Rotate after both have completed the work. This is going to force the row to move faster with more rest on the bar.

August 16, 2019 Friday

Benchmark Friday!!!


Optional Accessory -DB Box Step Up 3 x 10/leg -DB Hammer Curl 3 x 10/arm -Close Grip Banded Push Up 3 x 10 *Superset exercises if you like and adjust weight as needed throughout

August 15, 2019 Thursday

Post Work

3 Rounds on the :90 second 1: Max Rep Strict Muscle Up OR Low Ring Transition Practice 2: 5 High Box Jump (athlete chooses the height) Perform each movement on the :90 sec until you have 3 full rounds. Work sets shouldn't take you more than :30 sec to work so you should get 1 min rest between.

August 14, 2019 Wednesday


August 13, 2019 Tuesday


Post Work

3 Sets 10-15 Hip Extension (add weight if needed) :30 sec Static Hold at Top of Hip Extension *Rest as needed between sets

August 12, 2019 Monday

I know.... some more wall ball. Take the reps down by 5 on each movement and use it as an active recovery if you need!

Post Workout Recovery

Foam Roll/Stretch/Recover: -Easy Bike, Jog or Row for 10 min post workout to flush out the legs. -Couch Stretch 2 min/side -Roll/Smash Upper Back 2 min -Foam Roll/Smash Lats :90 sec/side -Pigeon Stretch :90 sec/side

August 10, 2019 Saturday

Teams of 3

Partner 1 starts on the dumbbells Partner 2 on the over indeed Partner 3 resting Rotate only when each person has completed the work. Continue till each person has 5 full rounds.

August 09, 2019 Friday

Benchmark Friday!!!

Optional Post Work NOT for Time

Athlete chooses the weight for the Front Rack Carry. You can also do a yoke carry if you like. Rest as needed between each round. Adjust T2B to a rep scheme that you can get without breaking the round into more than 2 sets.

August 08, 2019 Thursday

Post Work

Who doesn't love a little meathead work! Superset exercises back and forth till completion. Adjust loading as needed. Feel free to use dumbbells or a barbell... even that EZ Curl bar in the corner!!

August 07, 2019 Wednesday

Vest or No Vest?!?!

Wear a 20/14 lb vest if you can do the CTB in no more than 2 sets with it and would like the challenge. Vest is completely Optional

August 06, 2019 Tuesday

Post Work

Accumulate 50 reps total. Break up the reps any way you want and adjust loading as needed. Weight should be heavy enough that you can't get more than 12 reps/set. If using one KB is "easy" try doing a double kb swing.


This is completely OPTIONAL and can be used as a way to build some more aerobic capacity or just keep at a mellow pace for active recovery.

August 05, 2019 Monday

Sub out a jumping ring muscle up, banded ring muscle up, or low ring transition if needed. If the cluster or muscle up is "easy" you can take it up to 12/7 reps/min

Post Work

Reverse Tabata L-Sit 8 Rounds of :10 sec of work and :20 sec of rest

Reverse Tabata Ring Support Hold 8 Rounds of :10 sec of work and :20 sec of rest

August 03, 2019 Saturday

Teams of 2

-The synchronized wall ball if 50 reps each person. -Abmat Sit Up Medball toss is 50 total reps (25 each person) Partners complete the 400 meter run together and pass off one medball as little or as often as they like during the carry.