May 20, 2019 Monday

Today's workout is a quadruplet of 4 gymnastics movements. The pull up, push up, sit up, and air squat. Intent • The purpose of today's workout is to build muscular stamina. 100 reps of each is a lot so finding appropriate reps per set and rest in between those sets will be key • if you know your max rep set of pull ups and push ups you can plan to do sets of 33% of that number and rest appropriately • if you don't know what that number is then be more conservative in your approach • Pull ups and push ups will challenge local muscular fatigue and will be less metabolically challenging, as the workout progresses into the sit ups and squats you are able to push the pace more by hitting bigger sets and less reps (cycle rate of reps here will be a big factor) • on the squats aim for two tempos of continuous movement (ex: 10 fast followed by 5 with a pause at the top) Caution • We are one week out from Murph so if you feel like you might tear scale the pull up Scaling • if you can perform the movements Rx but don't think you can get through the entire thing within 20-minutes Consider... • scaling the reps (ex:75 of each or 50 of each) • doing 4 rounds of 25 each Movement Scaling • Banded pull up with a pause at the bottom of each rep will help work on the vertical pull of the pull up • push up with hands elevated on a box will help maintain a hollow body while going through the full range of motion and will challenge you more than dropping the knees (the higher the box the easier it is the lower the box the harder)

May 19, 2019 Sunday

Intent • the main goal of today's workout is the conditioning aspect and moving at a relatively consistent • Box jump overs should be methodical. Do your best to keep moving here as you can always do another rep • Toes to bar, be a bit more conservative here and break it up if needed, track your break time and stick to it • Strict HSPU are going to tax your shoulders more than your heart rate allowing you to hit the box jump overs with good amount of intensity when you get back to them • Scale ttb to a number you can do within a minute • Scale hspu reps or to a piked variation (avoid scales like push press)

May 18, 2019 Saturday

Intent • Today's workout challenges the athlete's ability to sustain a manageable pace. The run and the burpees should allow for continuous movement, the squat cleans will create work:rest periods depending on ability • pick a load that will allow for short breaks and moderate reps per set (12-10-8 reps or 5x6 reps are good rep schemes to chip away • Shorten the distance of the run to allow for each bout of running to take 4 minutes • Cut the reps of the burpees to allow for completion of the reps within 3 minutes • 40-Minute Cap

May 17, 2019 Friday

Intent • Goal is to lift as much weight for one rep Warm-up set # %1RM Reps Rest after set 1 ~ 30-50% 8 ~ 2 minutes 2 ~ 60% 5 ~ 2 minutes 3 ~ 70% 3 ~ 3 minutes 4 ~ 80% 1 ~ 3 minutes 5 ~ 90% 1 ~ 5 minutes 6 (max out) 100% 1 5+ minutes 7+ (max out) ~102.5%+ 1 5+ minutes


Intent • This workout is intended to be fast (under 10-Minutes) • Bar muscle up should be unbroken or broken up into 3 sets for the set of 12, 3 sets for the set of 9 and 2 sets for the set of 6 (scale reps to preserve stimulus Ex: 9-6-3) • load should be unbroken or 3 sets for the 21 deadlifts, 2-3 sets for the Hang power clean, 2 sets for the jerks • Barbell load should be at most 75% of the weakest lift. • use the same load for all three lifts • any style jerk is allowed

May 16, 2019 Thursday


Teams of 2 • one partner works as the other rest • split work however you like • Time Cap 40-Minutes Intent • Choosing a rep range that will allow for continuous movement • Use a load for the sit ups that will allow for at least 10 reps at a time • use a load on the kettle bell that will allow at least 10 reps at a time

May 15, 2019 Wednesday

Birthday Bill

Happy Birthday Bill Intent •Today's workout has assault bike calories as a buy in then 5 rounds of 4 movements • the goal on the bike should be to move fast but proceed with caution, if you go too fast you might miss your first box jump over and this can cost you later in the workout (think about starting strong and dialing back towards the tail end • The next four movements all use the legs so being able to pick a target cadence for each movement to be able to continuously move through the workout • The rower is probably your best bet to "recover" as you don't have to support your body mass due to the fact that you will be seated, have a target cal/hour split and stay consistent • Barbell movements are based on the athlete's clean and jerk 1RM • If you don't have a c&j 1RM but have maxed out both lifts individually base it of off the lighter lift • Front squat and jerks might be heavier than you're used to in a conditioning workout if your maxes are high, so respect the barbell and do your best not to miss any reps • If you do not know your 1RM for these movements choose a load that is doable for 10-12 reps unbroken when fresh • if you cannot clean or jerk this load scale the weight to one that is challenging but also that you will not miss Logistics • Aim to start the clock at the 20 minute mark • this will take you to ending at 45 minutes and allow for the next class to start within the 20-minute mark and not create any delay into the following classes • Time Cap 25-Minutes

May 14, 2019 Tuesday

Teams of 2 3 800m Runs per partner One runs while the other rests Intended Work:Rest should be 1:1 Time Cap (24-Minutes) Intent • Run should be at 80-85% intensity but most importantly sustainable between bouts Logistics • Start Run in front of Solace • Athletes will run down Madison, across 31st, and up Park for two laps • Coaches if possible use your phone or iPad to give athletes an idea of what their split times are and total time as a team

Solace Beep Test

"Death By" style • Complete all 21 reps within the minute • If you get caught by the clock subtract a rep from each movement in the next round (ex: 6 reps of each, then 5 reps of each) until you can complete the same amount of reps for each movement Intent • the goal of today is to find a sustainable pace • if you go too slow you might not finish the work in time • if you go too fast your heart rate will not come back down in time for the next interval • Rounds ranging from :40-:50 might be the most sustainable Scaling • Scale movements to allow for unbroken sets and fast transitions • allocate 15-18 seconds to each movement • if you cannot complete the reps in the allocated time frame consider starting at a lower rep count and do you best to stay • Scale Toes to bar to knee raises • Deadlift load should be 50-60% of 1RM (these should move fast, and no second guessing on starting your set at anytime)

May 13, 2019 Monday


Round of cindy= 5 pull up 10 push up 15 air squat Intent • The goal is to stay aerobic throughout this workout • if you go too fast in the beginning you will not be able to turn it on at the end • The goal on the snatches is to go unbroken or as close to unbroken as possible (The rounds of 10 and 8 will be the most challenging)(approximately 65% of 1RM power snatch) • For the cindy's remain consistent and break up pull ups or push ups from the start if you do not believe you can go the entire workout unbroken • Stay steady on the air squats and if these feel easy push the pace on the first ten air squats and slow it down on the last 5 of each round Logistics • Do your best to position your barbell near your pull up bar as there are many transitions in this workout • If necessary use the pull up bars where the bikes are (for bigger classes)

May 12, 2019 Sunday

Perform as an Every 3 minute on the 3 Minute for 10 rounds. Push up/tricep stamina • We are building the stamina in the chest and triceps today • pre-fatiguing them with the ski erg and burning them out with the push press after • efficiency in the ski and push press will allow for faster rounds • Rest the remainder (this should be enough to get the heart rate back down before the next bout) Logistics • Space out ski ergs and start a new athlete on them every minute • create an assembly line type format so that athletes can walk to the next station without any obstruction • use "teams of 3" on the ski ergs and start each teammate on the top of each minute of the interval Ex: P1 at the 0:00, P2 at the 1:00, and P3 at the 2:00

May 11, 2019 Saturday

Aerobic/Stamina • Today's workout will challenge your aerobic engine (ability to sustain 75-85% pace for long durations • this is also shoulder heavy workout with 3/4 movements involving the shoulders so it will work the stamina Lunge • Perform in 25 foot increments Box Jumps • We encourage stepping down each rep to keep heart rate low and for safety purposes Wall Ball • Do your best to go unbroken or perform in two sets (ex: 12/8 or 10/10) HSPU • This will depend on your strength in this movement • do your best to avoid the 3-5 second rep • think speed in each rep

May 10, 2019 Friday

Intent • today's workout involves all barbell movements • the rep scheme is descending with each new movement • you will be tempted to go unbroken off the gap but will that pay off in the end? • When choosing appropriate load choose one that you can perform the entire complex (1 round) unbroken when fresh (this does not mean you have to execute the workout in this fashion) • your weakest lift will determine your load. (Only one barbell per athlete) • This workout should be fast, be smart where to break it up and how much rest is needed in between rest Ex: 11 deadlift rest :10 1 deadlift + 8 hang power cleans rest :10 1 hang power clean + 6 jerks (you can either rest here or do the 11 deadlifts right away and then rest, this will eliminate a transition period)

Next week we will test 1RM Intent • today's goal is to lift heavy but not accumulate too much volume • The goal should be to control these reps on the way down and move them off the ground as fast as possible

May 09, 2019 Thursday

Teams of 2 For Time: 100-80-60-40-20 Cal Row Sit ups Double Unders (each) Intent • Today's workout is teams of two with one working at a time • the goal is to stay aerobic so pick rep ranges that will prevent you from hitting that "redline" Logistics • position rowers and abmats spaced out • Double unders on the platform Each partner will perform 100 reps each double under in the first round, 80 in the second....

May 08, 2019 Wednesday

Tempo: 30X1 Intent: • To improve absolute strength and improve front squat positioning and technique

AMRAP 12 6 Double Dumbbell Snatch 12 Dumbbell Box Step Over (24//20, 50x2/35x2) Intent • The goal is to stay moving and consistent • aim for even splits on each round and save some for a sprint in the last round. • Snatches are low in reps to allow for unbroken sets or fast transitions back to the box * The box step over will challenge your grip after the snatches so planning appropriate work rest bouts will allow you to sustain a pace Logistics • position boxes and dumbbells on the south side of the platforms (near the gong) Standards Snatches • both heads of the dumbbell must touch the ground each time • finish with both dumbbells overhead above the shoulders • a clean and jerk will be considered scaled (if you find yourself doing this scale to a lighter load) Dumbbell Box Step over • Both feet must touch the top of the box • Both feet must come off the box on the other side for the repetition to count • You do not have to stand up tall on the box step over

May 07, 2019 Tuesday

Teams of 2 8 rounds of 400m run alternating rounds (relay style) 4 400m bouts per athlete Intent • today's workout goal is to have a work:rest interval of 1:1 • athletes should run at 85-90% RPE • The goal is to find your highest sustainable pace and recover before your next bout Logistics • Coaches use a stopwatch or your phones and start the clock outside • Run down madison and up park


“Joker” is a midline and forearm trickster. With ladders climbing in the opposite direction, can you hang on to go unbroken throughout? Is it worth it? Intent • the goal is to challenge your grip and see how long you can hold on • There should not be much pacing, intensity should be high • Toes to bar will determine your speed in completing this workout • Do your best not to break these up, but if you do go straight into fast singles • Deadlift load should be one that you can move fast and unbroken (approximately 50% of 1RM) Logistics • Do your best to position your barbell next to your pull up bar to minimize the transition time

May 06, 2019 Monday

With a running Clock From 0-6 21-15-9 Cal Row Dumbbell Snatch (50/35) From 6-12 18-12-6 Cal Ski Dumbbell Snatch (50/35) From 12-18 15-9-3 Cal Bike Dumbbell Snatch (50/35) From 18-24 45 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20) Intent • This workout will challenge your ability to sustain unbroken sets of snatches at an elevated heart rate and sustain a consistent pace on the burpee box jump overs after 3 intense bouts. • Today's goal is to spend more time at a higher intensity. • The RPE is 85-90%. The goal is to finish each interval within 4-5 minutes. • Scale reps up or down if needed. Logistics • Have athletes share equipment and start them at a different station • Each station should have a 50/35/20 pound dumbbell for easy transition between stations • record time it takes to complete each interval • set the interval timer to 4 6 minute intervals and have it counting up • This workout takes 24 minutes, aim to start the clock by the 20 minute mark of each class

May 03, 2019 Friday

intent Working on lifting heavy loads and recovering within the time remaining Logistics • Share Barbells as we may not have enough plates for everyone

Intent • to challenging the athletes ability to do hspu after performing jerks • this workout should be fast and as unbroken as possible for those with good hspu • if hspu is hard movement, break up early and often to avoid red lining and push the pace on the rower faster since the hspu is pushing you into forced rest Logistics • Position rowers on turf but do not block hspu pillars

May 02, 2019 Thursday

Teams of 3 • All team members run together and each has a med ball • One person works while other two rest on the C2B and Squat Cleans ex: 30 c2b/3=10 per each in round 1 Intent • the run will fatigue the shoulders and legs making the pull ups and cleans more challenging • all athletes run together to give each other a push • load has increased from last week but the rest has also increased, try to cycle these reps in sets of 5 or more Logistics • The run will be two laps around the block • leave room for athletes to leave wall balls by the stairs and that will not create trip hazards • Time cap 40 minutes

May 01, 2019 Wednesday

Intent • In 15 minutes get AHAP in the Bench Press • This will be anywhere from 75-80% of your 1RM depending on how long ago its been since testing it • Goal is to improve pushing power and also overload this movement pattern so that the push ups feel light Safety • make sure you have a spotter at all times or are using the spotter arms Logistics • position racks in the "north" side closer to the strength area

Intent •Improve push up stamina and efficiency in the double unders. • this workout will challenge your ability to recover from the push ups with short rest (if you're good at double unders) Logistics • Stay in the "south" side of the platform near the clock • athletes should be able to do double unders and push ups in the same spot

April 30, 2019 Tuesday

3x10@60% Reps 1-6 tempo (30X1) Reps 7-10 tempo (10X1) Intent: Working the eccentric phase of the squat to improve strength and position in the front squat and generating explosive power in the turn around (concentric phase)

EMOMx12 Alternating 1: :45 Cal Bike 2: :45 Power Snatch (115/80) Intent • to find your sustainable pace in each movement • work to rest is 3:1 and the desired RPE is 80-85% • Threshold pace Logistics • Stagger start heats so that everyone starts on the bike and ends on the snatch • Share equipment to save space BIke • Push hard enough to feel the quads burning but not so much you cannot recover in the transition and grab the barbell right away Snatch • the load should be light enough you will never miss a rep but slightly heavier than you would normally use in a workout • Singles are the way to go to keep your HR relatively level throughout BTWB • Enter 5 rounds and then the reps for each movement in the boxes provided • Score is total reps

April 29, 2019 Monday

Intent: • We are looking for sustainable paces in today's workout • if you go out guns blazing it will come back to bit you • treat as a 5k run and save some for the finish Air Squats • Pick a second per rep pace and stick to it Ex:2-3 per rep • This pace should allow you to go "unbroken" • If you find that you cannot sustain your initial pace here, slow it down and do your best to keep moving forward Power Cleans • although a load we can most likely cycle, singles will allow us to move consistently throughout these reps • Like the air squats have a second per rep goal and stick to it Strict Pull Ups • Here's where we have to be a bit conservative as to not burn out because they don't come back as fast as other movements • smaller sets and shorter rest will work if this movement is challenging for you • if you can do 20 Unbroken strict pull ups, go unbroken • If you don't have Strict pull ups, use a band that allows for full range of motion and pause at the bottom of each rep to build absolut strength in this movement (ignore the clock on this movement and perform for quality reps) Run • pace as needed, • strong runners make up time here • if running isn't your strong suit, try and recover on the run

April 26, 2019 Friday

• Maintain technique through all sets • Use a pronated (double overhand grip) for as long as possible • Tempo: Slower down and Faster up (No pause at the bottom)

Deadlift • Deadlift load should not exceed that used in the "Strength" portion of today's workout • This should be approximately 60-70% of 1RM • ensure good technique for all reps Form before Time • https://youtu.be/VGZrATR1O4E Double Unders • This is your "rest" period • if this movement is still challenging or spikes the heart rate consider doing 2 sets • if you are working on getting double unders consider doing 25 a round • if you have 0 double unders perform 100 singles