April 02, 2019 Tuesday

AMRAP 3 7 Pull Ups 7 Burpee Rest 3:00 AMRAP 3 5 Chest to bar 9 Burpee Rest 3:00 AMRAP 3 3 Bar Muscle up 11 Burpee Enter total reps per amrap in each box

April 01, 2019 Monday

Teams of 2 (Alternating Rounds) AMRAP 10 12 KB Deadlift 9 KB HPC 6 KB Front Squat Men: 35x2 Women: 26x2

March 31, 2019 Sunday

Super Set A1) Strict Pull Up 5x5-10 Reps A2) Strict HAND STAND PUSH UP 5-10 Reps Rest 2 Minutes between super set go from the pull ups right into the hand stand push up and then rest • if you don't have strict pull ups you can do banded with a pause at the bottom • if you don't have hand stand push up you can do piked with feet on a box • for a more challenging piked hand stand push up you can add a deficit to the piked variation

March 30, 2019 Saturday

Teams of 2 (alternating movements) AMRAP 20 10 Dumbbell Thruster (50x2/35x2) 10 Burpee Toes to Bar 40 Double Unders

March 29, 2019 Friday

March 28, 2019 Thursday

Teams of 2 (alternating Rounds) Each does all rounds 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Hang Power Snatch (95/65) 250m/200m Row 30-minute cap

March 27, 2019 Wednesday

Use Barbells Box height should be above the knee keep back leg straight and only use working leg keep foot on box and extend leg completely before putting non-working leg on box back off some load if unable to standup on the box without assistance from the non-working leg

each step is a rep after each round run 400m (outside, make a left out the door and run around block) hold dumbbells however you like in the front rack 2 dumbbells for the lunge (50x2/35x2)

March 26, 2019 Tuesday

March 25, 2019 Monday

We will be doing a 4 week “squat” cycle • this will consist of high rep slow tempo front squats for tendon health • Make sure you are moving slow on the eccentric, This should be challenging

Teams of 2 (alt Rounds) AMRAP 10 10 Wall Ball (20/14) 10/7 Cal Bike

March 24, 2019 Sunday

Deadlift E2MO2Mx5 12 Deadlifts @ 5-10 more pounds than last week

March 23, 2019 Saturday

March 22, 2019 Friday

March 21, 2019 Thursday

Overhead Partner Stretch (one partner on the pull up bar dead hanging while other pushes up on their shoulders) Front Rack Stretch (with Band) Samsun Lunge Stretch Ankle Stretch (bottom of squat with kettle bell on knee pushing knees forward, keep heels down)

No more than 3 reps per set don't over due the practice sets/reps if doing 19.5 tomorrow work kip swing Do not tear hands where protection

19.5 Prep

Enter your time including rest 19.5 Prep Bike 1000m @70/60 RPM 3-5 Thruster 3-5 Chest to bar Rest 3:00 500m Ski Erg @ 1:45/2:00 Split 3-5 Thruster 3-5 Ches to bar Rest 3:00 500m Row @ 1:45/2:00 Split 3-5 Thruster 3-5 Chest to bar

March 20, 2019 Wednesday

For Time: 25 Kipping hand stand push up 50 sit up 100 Double Unders 20 strict hand stand push up 50 V-up 100 Double Unders 15 Deficit HAND STAND PUSH UP (5/3’) 50 Hollow Rocks 100 Double Unders 20-Minute Cap 2 red plates for 5 inches 1 yellow + 1 green plate for 3 inches HAND STAND PUSH UP MATRIX Push Up/hand release push up piked hand stand push up (knees on box) Piked HAND STAND PUSH UP (feet on box) 1-2 ab mat kipping hand stand push up 1-2 ab mat strict hspu/kipping hand stand push up strict hand stand push up 5/3 inch hand stand push up deficit hand stand push up can be kipping or strict Weightlifting: Conditioning: WOD Rx Requirements: 
-Open Standards

March 19, 2019 Tuesday

March 18, 2019 Monday

Climbing 15-Minute cap

Threshold Training

EMOMx4 (:45/:15) Cal Ski Rest 1-Minute EMOMx4 (:45/:15) Cal Bike Rest 1-Minute EMOMx4 (:45/:15) Cal Row * pick a number that you think you can sustain but be challenging or go hard on each interval Ex Goal reps per interval 18/15, 15/12, 12/9... * enter total reps in each box per movement

March 17, 2019 Sunday

5-10 pounds heavier than last week

Roy 2.0