September 27, 2019 Friday

All sets at 80% if you don't make all 8 sets within the 25 mins it's okay. But, I want you staying at 80%. cap 25

The weight should be a weight that you can go unbroken on overhead lunge. You do not have to switch arms if you don’t want to on the lunge. Same DB for whole workout Cap 10 min

September 26, 2019 Thursday

Same weight for all ten minutes.

Team of 2 alternating rounds. Steady on the rower and hang on to the ohs. 2 rounds each! cap 25

September 25, 2019 Wednesday

10 min cap Build throughout sets.

Reps are aggressive because there is built in rest. There is a :50 second work per interval cap so you have at least 10 seconds to transition.

September 24, 2019 Tuesday

Same weight for all 5 mins, try to touch and go.

Cleans should be singles but can still move through them at a good pace. cap 20 min

September 23, 2019 Monday

Cap 25 mins!

Team of 2. Alternate full rounds and try to go unbroken. This is a tight cap but if transitions are fast it should be doable. cap 12 min

September 22, 2019 Sunday

For the carry and swing use the same weight KB. The Turkish get up isn't meant to be a fast rushed movement, watch video and take your time.

September 21, 2019 Saturday

TEAM OF 2 Partner A is working on the workout while partner B is on a machine of choice working away on calories. Switch whenever you want but one partner always has to be on a machine and the other working on the workout. Score is time it takes to finish the workout along with calories completed. scale is burpee pull up or jumping bar muscle up.

September 20, 2019 Friday

25 min cap

time cap 10 min

September 19, 2019 Thursday

Team of 2 12 mins run 800 30 power cleans 60 pull up max power cleaned in remaining time. AT 12 MINS UNTIL 17 FIND A HEAVY 1 POWER CLEAN FOR THE DAY. If partner a runs harder than partner b, partner a CAN start the power cleans when they get in.

September 18, 2019 Wednesday

This is all done at 80% of your power snatch. 10 power snatch right into 10 squat snatch. cap 10 min

42-30-18 row calories 21-15-9 T2B 42 cal row 21 T2B 30 cal row 15 t2b 18 cal row 9 t2b 15 min cap

September 17, 2019 Tuesday

cap 15 min

Not for time! Do after workout!!

September 16, 2019 Monday

25 min cap

AMRAP 3 min 1,1,2,2,3,3,..... thrusters Burpee over bar Rest :90 REPEAT the 3 min AMRAP START AT 1 AGAIN

September 15, 2019 Sunday

Heavy as possible for bench and farmers carry! High a possible for box jumps, DO NOT REBOUND.

September 14, 2019 Saturday

Read this!!!! Team of 2 2001 m row 10 rounds ore 9 dl 11 BBJ 2001 m row Split the row however for the 10 rounds parnter A does a full round of 9Dl and 11BBJ than partner B will do a full round. So, 5 rounds each than you both together row 2001m split however.

September 13, 2019 Friday

Cap 8 min This is meant to be a little bit heavier of a squat clean but can still move through the weight pretty well. scale is box bar muscle up or burpee jumping pull up

September 12, 2019 Thursday

30 min cap

September 11, 2019 Wednesday

Ring dip scale is deficit push up! Power clean weight should be a weight that you can do fast singles at.

From a rack, build in sets. Do not push jerk reps. Cap 15 min

September 10, 2019 Tuesday

Directly after workout from 10-15 min find a heavy squat snatch.