Delta square with space


January 30, 2019 Wednesday

E2MO2Mx5 14/12 Cal Row 7 Hang Power Clean (135/95) athletes can sprint each interval and work on transitional anaerobic power or pace each interval and work on the aerobic energy system Athletes who are more enduring should sprint these and try to improve on moving at a faster pace Athletes who are explosive should work on sustainable paces and staying aerobic

January 29, 2019 Tuesday

Technique Tuesday

Begin with the hollow and arch on the ground have them hold these positions and push down on their feet to see who is holding a solid position and who is just lifting their feet successful hollows and arches will rock like a rocking chair disengaged midlines will have the feet just drop and the rest of the body will not follow next have them hold these positions on the pull up bar (static hold) then have them go through 3 kip swings per set • follow this with a kipping half pull up • finally ending with a kipping pull (assisted if needed)

January 28, 2019 Monday

Warm up recommendations 5 Reps @bar 5 Reps @40% 4 Reps @55% 3 Reps @70% 2 Reps @78%

HAND STAND PUSH UP • Scale to strict pressing with dumbbells or kettle-bells • pick a load in which dumbbell speed starts to slow down by reps 7-8.

January 27, 2019 Sunday

teams of 3 break up however you like

January 26, 2019 Saturday

touch and go 10RM

January 25, 2019 Friday

Practice Bar MUSCLE UP skills and drills for 10 minutes

12-Minutes to a heavy triple

January 24, 2019 Thursday

Teams of 2

January 23, 2019 Wednesday

1 max effort set of deadlifts at 225/155

January 22, 2019 Tuesday

1@78%, 1 @87%, 1@78% of 1RM

From 0-3:00 Thrusters One Max Unbroken Set (95/65) From 3:00-8:00 AMRAP 5 Thrusters (115/75) 5 Lateral Burpee

From 0-3:00 Thrusters One Max Unbroken Set (95/65) From 3:00-8:00 AMRAP 5 Thrusters (115/75) 5 Lateral Burpee

January 21, 2019 Monday

1@78%, 1 @87%, 1@78% of 1RM

Scale to 70% of 1RM of best Jerk

January 20, 2019 Sunday

active recovery day or as aerobic threshold training 65-75% effort for active recovery 75-85% effort for threshold training E2MO2Mx3 350m/300m TrueForm Run Rest 2-Minutes E2MO2Mx3 400m/350m Ski Rest 2-Minutes E2MO2Mx3 400m/350m Row Rest 2-Minutes E2MO2Mx3 800m/750m Bike

January 19, 2019 Saturday

January 18, 2019 Friday

increase load with each successful lift focus on technique

ring muscle up skill day to refine technique do not burn yourself out as tomorrow has muscle ups

January 17, 2019 Thursday

Teams of 2 alternating roudns finish the same amount of work as your partner Scale deadlift to 90% of your 1RM

January 16, 2019 Wednesday

As Heavy as possible increase load each set

Pick a rep amount that you would like to end the EMOM at and subtract one rep in each prerequisite set Example If I want to End intervals 9 & 10 at 15 reps each my EMOM will look as follows 1: 11 Cal Row 2: 11 Thrusters 3: 12 Cal Row 4: 12 Thrusters 5: 13 Cal Row 6: 13 Thrusters 7: 14 Cal Row 8: 14 Thrusters 9: 15 Cal Row 10: 15 Thrusters

January 15, 2019 Tuesday

at 90% of 3RM

15-20 Minutes of hand stand push up work Kipping strict positioning

January 14, 2019 Monday