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January 03, 2015 Saturday

Wood 2.0

The full workout is below. You are recording only the scored potion here in BTWB, thus only the KB swings are listed here for scoring. Full Workout: EMOM until you and your partner hit 100 Burpees combined: Partner 1: 5 Ground to Overhead (95/65), then in remaining time do as many Burpees as possible. Partner 2: Deadlift Hold (135/95) (alternate roles each minute) -Then- Rest 3 minutes -Then- EMOM for 10 Partner 1: 40 Mountain Climbers, remaining AMRAP KB Swings (24/16) Partner 2: KB Hold (32/24) (Partner 1 completes the first 5 minutes, Partner 2 completes the last 5 minutes)

January 02, 2015 Friday

AHAP for the Push Jerks

December 31, 2014 Wednesday

Tabata Mash-Up

December 30, 2014 Tuesday

EMOM for 12 AHAP

The 2 Snatch balances are each immediately followed by 1 full Snatch (even though this is not listed here in BTWB).

December 29, 2014 Monday

December 28, 2014 Sunday

December 27, 2014 Saturday

Sucker Punch 2

Team WOD. Relay style: each partner does the set of 1 then each does the set of 2 etc…

December 26, 2014 Friday

3xME Unbroken Snatches

3 set of max effort unbroken full squat snatches (change the "99" to the reps you got).

One kettlebell of the indicated weight is to be held in each hand.

December 24, 2014 Wednesday

3 sets of max effort unbroken full squat cleans (change the "99" to the reps you got).

Christmas Eve

December 23, 2014 Tuesday

December 22, 2014 Monday

December 21, 2014 Sunday