Warmup and Workout by Pat Barber
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Who is this for?

This program is for affiliate owners who want to save time, give their members a true GPP program, and want to improve all their coaches via detailed daily session plans.

How is this program different?

We are the only people who write session plans, which are blueprints or guides for coaching CrossFit classes. With each plan, you get a structured warmup built specifically for the day's workout, a workout with 3 levels of difficulty, coaching notes with strategies and tips, movement demonstration videos, and time breakdowns for each piece.

Who writes this program?

Warmup & Workout is the brainchild of Pat and Taz Barber. Pat is an L4 CrossFit Coach who created and leads the Coaching Development Program at NC Fit (formerly NorCal CrossFit). He is on the L1 and L2 staff for CrossFit HQ and has helped about 15,000 people through their L1's. And he's competed in the Games six times (finishing in the top 10 in four of those appearances). Taz opened the very first CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand back in 2007. Since then she's co-led the Coaching Development Program at Norcal, written programming for athletes and gyms, worked on the L1 staff and competed in the Games four times (finishing top 5 twice).

Session Planning vs Programming

Our plans differ from standard programming because each plan is a comprehensive template or guide for coaching a fitness class. In other words, we give you more than just a warmup and WoD. Session plans remove the guesswork and give your coaches a clear guide for every session so they can focus on what is important — great coaching. Plans also keep everyone on the same page and give members a full hour of work (so they know they're getting their money's worth). Plus, you'll win back all the hours you spend on programming, which you can reinvest back into your gym in other ways.

What You Get in Every Plan

A workout brief that gives you tips and strategies for coaching the workout, like what the stimulus of the day should be, how to scale or substitute movements, and what goals to set for every athlete. A structured warmup that is coach-led and changes every day (along with the workout). A workout prep for detailed walkthroughs of the movements in the workout so that your clients can review each moving piece of the lifts/movements and determine scales or substitutions; depending on the day, it could also include skill or technique work for the associated movements, or loading schemes to prepare for a heavy day. A workout with 3 levels of difficulty (Beyond RXD, RXD, and Fitness) so that every athlete, no matter how long they’ve been doing CrossFit or how fit they are, can get a quality workout that meets their needs and abilities. Every section described above also includes time breakdowns that tell you roughly how long each piece should take so that your coaches stay on-schedule. Some session plans also include warm downs or mobility suggestions.

True GPP Programming

A lot of other programs cater their programming to people more interested in one specific area of fitness, typically strength. That’s fine, but fitness isn't just one thing. Our program is designed to make people better across the board– Stronger. Faster. More Coordinated. More Flexible. Happier. Fitter.

BTWB Integration

We enter everything into Beyond the Whiteboard for you. This saves you hours of time and makes life a little easier!

Our Full Menu of Programs

The Gym Program: Our program for hour-long CrossFit classes.
The Competitor Add-On: Works with the Gym Program to give competitors everything they need.
The Kids + Teens Program: Same idea as the Gym Program, but session plans are written for kids and teens.

Testimonial: Zach Forrest

“WUWO puts out consistent high-quality programming that, when coupled with the detailed session plans, allows your coaches to deliver a superior service than the average affiliate out there in today’s market. We have members hitting lifetime PRs and breaking through long training plateaus and I know that switching over to an unbiased GPP had a lot to do with it. The entire CFME staff agrees that the WUWO session plans are one of the keystone tools that allow us to be the best in Las Vegas.”

How Memberships Work

You get workouts and session plans every day of the week, including Sat and Sun. The full month of programming and plans are always released on the first of a new month. Demonstration videos are linked to from the plans. Memberships are month-to-month, so you can cancel anytime.

Gym Program: $229/Month

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