Squat Mafia Pandastrong
Affiliate & Competitor programming by 5x CrossFit Games competitor Emily Bridgers.
Designed By 5x CrossFit Games Athlete Emily Bridgers
With Help From Ben Benson: Husband, Coach, Affiliate co-owner
Years Of Experience At The Top Level
Based On Emily's Actual Daily Training

What Is Squat Mafia?

Squat Mafia is a strength and conditioning program created in 2010 by Ben Benson. It all began as a t-shirt design with a small cult following and grew into something we never could have imagined! Ben joined forces with Emily Bridgers and it evolved into a CrossFit Program that has produced over a dozen Regionals and Games athletes! We take pride in our brand and in our program and still love our panda t-shirts designs to this day!

Who Is Squat Mafia For?

Anyone who is looking to become a better athlete and become more competitive in the sport of CrossFit can follow our competition program! Any CrossFit gym looking for a better way to serve their members should look into our affiliate program!

Available Programs

Currently, there is a choice between a competitors program, and an affiliate GPP program. The Competitors program is for anyone looking to get ready for the CrossFit Games season or become more competitive in the sport. The affiliate GPP program is for gyms looking to follow a well balanced program used successfully for years at CrossFit Terminus (Emily and Ben's gym). The affiliate program includes detailed warm-ups and cool downs and a leveled system of scaling options. This will take the thinking out for the affiliate owner and will easily allow athletes of all fitness levels to be incorporated into the same class, while maintaining the same stimulus!

Your Whiteboard

A bird’s-eye view of your fitness and programming. Quickly log daily fitness attributes and find out what you need to get done today. See previous results and milestones so you know how to attack your WODs.

A Team Effort

There's no Squat Mafia without Ben Benson, Emily's husband and coach. She's been working with Ben since 2010, and together they've evolved year after year, broadening their experience, knowledge, and approach to training and competing. Together they've developed a program proven to keep other top-level Games athletes like Becca Voigt and Stacie Tovar at the top of their game year after year. In 2013, Ben and Emily turned their passion for helping others into an affiliate of their own, CrossFit Terminus. They take tremendous pride in their community and enjoy serving them. The community has become their family. Now, they are looking to expand their community/family outside of the heart of Atlanta to others around the world.

Fitness Level

A gauge for your overall Fitness and Progress. This is a single number that captures how your performance stacks up to the rest of the community.

Instant Analysis

Receive instant analysis for each workout result. View personal records, gym/world rankings, work/power output, and more. You'll also receive Workout Levels (1-99) that will tell you how good your result actually is. How decent is a 4:22 Fran? Where does a 322 lb Deadlift rank? Which is better? Workout Levels will tell you. Instantly.

Moving Forward

Emily's has shifted her focus away from competing and towards helping others succeed, using the talent and tools developed through her CrossFit Games training and experience. For her, there is no greater reward than seeing someone living up to his or her true potential! It is Squat Mafia's passion to help pave the way for others to succeed. Emily and Ben will continue to produce an effective program for years to come!

Movement Analysis

Easily find your 1, 3, 5 or 10 rep max for lifts or analysis on other movements. Find out which movements are strengths and weaknesses.

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