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2015 Fittest Man on Earth. Over 12 years of experience, Ben Smith knows effective training. Programming for the garage gym athlete, CrossFit affiliates, and competitors. Work to to be your very best.
Train Like A Champion
From Humble Beginnings...
To The 2015 Fittest On Earh
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Ben's Blueprint

This is EVERYTHING that I do, every single day. This includes multiple sessions per day (Typically 2 sessions, AM and PM) that contain weightlifting programs, gymnastics and skill work, metcons, conditioning, and partner workouts. You will be following 1 week behind my schedule. I will provide explanations for each workout and what the goals/stimulus should be. When available, I will post my times along with others who did the workouts with me. My programming is not periodized in any specific way. You can jump in at any time. This is the exact way I have trained for the last 8 years, and I'd love to share it with you.

Essential Framework

This program is a tailored version of Ben’s Blueprint. The workouts will be the same for the most part, but the volume will be designed for those who only have 60-90 minutes per day to train. Ben’s Blueprint is a lot of volume; the Essential Framework program will take the most important pieces from each day of Ben's Blueprint so that you can get the absolute most from your time at the gym. You'll get a combination of strength, gymnastics, skill work, metcons, conditioning, and partner workouts. If I only had 90 minutes each day to train, these are the things I'd choose to do. Maintain a balanced life by prioritizing your time inside the gym, so that you can maximize your time away from it.

Affiliate Design

Programming specifically designed for your affiliate. Each workout is intended for a class time of 60 minutes. Included will be strength programs, conditioning, gymnastics, metcons, skill work, etc. Scaling options are always provided for movements or workouts that could need scaling! Programming will be provided a week ahead of time so that you have time to prepare accordingly. Explanations for each workout/session, the intended stimulus, scaling, time caps, etc. will always be provided. We'll take care of the programming so that you can spend more time building your business, your community, and your coaching staff.

Your Whiteboard

A bird’s-eye view of your fitness and programming. Quickly log daily fitness attributes and find out what you need to get done today. See previous results and milestones so you know how to attack your WODs.

Who is this for?

Everyone! Are you an aspiring COMPETITIVE CROSSFIT ATHLETE looking to improve performance in the open, regionals, or local competitions? The Ben's Blueprint program will give you the best chance. Or, are you an EVERYDAY CROSSFIT ATHLETE wanting to follow a proven programming structure designed to improve overall fitness? The Essential Frameworks program takes the most important elements from Ben's Blueprint and condenses it down to a 60-90 min session. Gyms can also subscribe to the Affiliate Design program.

Fitness Level

A gauge for your overall Fitness and Progress. This is a single number that captures how your performance stacks up to the rest of the community.

Using Beyond The Whiteboard

Workouts will be added to your BTWB calendars automatically on a weekly basis. Log results from the web or the BTWB mobile app (Android, iPhone). See how you stack up against other Blueprint subscribers, and track your fitness progress with BTWB's awesome strengths and weaknesses features!

Instant Analysis

Receive instant analysis for each workout result. View personal records, gym/world rankings, work/power output, and more. You'll also receive Workout Levels (1-99) that will tell you how good your result actually is. How decent is a 4:22 Fran? Where does a 322 lb Deadlift rank? Which is better? Workout Levels will tell you. Instantly.

Program Philosophy

Ben’s programming is designed to increase general physical fitness across the board in all domains. While built around the CrossFit Games season, there are no phases, cycles, or any similar progressions, just classic CrossFit! It is Ben’s strong belief that the needs of a GAMES Champion and the needs of an aging grandparent differ by volume and degree only. Ben offers three platforms that cover the range of CrossFit performance goals: Ben's Blueprint, Essential Framework, & Affiliate Design.

Movement Analysis

Easily find your 1, 3, 5 or 10 rep max for lifts or analysis on other movements. Find out which movements are strengths and weaknesses.

Athlete Plans

Gym Plans

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