Jun 08, 2014

Sunday evening WOD. Slacked off a bit so needed a butt whopping. Did 9 PC and dropped. Then did rep 10 then went into the lunges. Sweaty WOD. Did this at SGG

3 RFT: 200 m, Power Cleans, Barbell Lunges, and AbMat Sit-ups : 10 mins 21 secs | Rx'd

3 rounds of: Run, 200 m 10 Power Cleans, 115 lbs 10 Barbell Lunges, 115 lbs 25 AbMat Sit-ups

  • Work_icon ≈ 97.1 (ft*lbs)/sec avg power output.
  • Rank_icon Level NA worldwide.
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  • Top_10_icon Top 10 at your gym. Flex on em!
  • Rank_icon_top_3 Top 3 at your gym. Podium time.
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