Jul 20, 2013

With Cassie at ACFW's WOD for Nixon... Partner holding a 25# sandbag the whole time... I did the 500m row buy-in (1:59) and Cassie did all our burpees. Couldn't catch my breath after going from the row to du's (25 each), then quads were shaky on the squat clean thrusters. Tough but fun, good cause!

AMRAP 15 mins w/ Buy-in: Rows, Double Unders, Squat Clean Thrusters and 3 more : 2 rounds + 50 Double Unders + 12 Squat Clean Thrusters | Rx'd

15 mins: Row, 500 m with remaining time AMRAP: 50 Double Unders 12 Squat Clean Thrusters, 75 lbs 25 1 Arm Db Snatches, 35 lbs 12 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups 12 Burpee Onto Plates

  • Work icon ≈ 68.9 (ft*lbs)/sec avg power output.
  • Rank icon Level NA worldwide.
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