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"...fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks, tasks combined in infinitely varying combinations."
-Greg Glassman

These aren't Girl or Hero WODs ... but are just as demanding.  They have won their notoriety for their plethora of movements and their unique time domains.  Fitness levels are sure to be tested, and weaknesses exposed, by these community favorites.


[ 6 months | 1 year | All Time ]
Workout Date Result
Fight Gone Bad Nov 29, 2017 277 reps | 85, 97, and 95 reps | Rx'd
Filthy Fifty Dec 21, 2017 35 mins 8 secs | Rx'd
Tabata This! NA No Result
Tabata Something Else NA No Result
"Death By" - Pull-ups : 1 rep + 1 rep / 1 min NA No Result
Muscle-ups : 30 Reps for Time NA No Result
Nasty Girls NA No Result
Jeremy NA No Result
Beast 12 NA No Result
Hope NA No Result
Hope For Kenya NA No Result

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