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December 11 Monday

Every 5 minutes for 5 rounds: Run 400 meters 1 Round of "DT" *A round of "DT" is: 12 Deadlifts/9 Hang Power Clean/6 Push Jerks (155/105)

December 9 Saturday

Teams of 2

Bear Complex is synchronized. Each person does a set of double unders and 100' buddy carry. One person works at time on those 2 movements.

December 8 Friday

December 7 Thursday

Do 1 set of 10 strict pull ups, weighted if able to between each round

December 6 Wednesday

December 5 Tuesday

Row or Bike for Calories

December 4 Monday

Max Rep Unbroken Wall Ball. If you can do more than 80 reps in a row use a 30/20 lb ball.

December 2 Saturday

Teams of two split work. Complete each exercise before moving to the next.

December 1 Friday

November 30 Thursday

November 29 Wednesday

November 28 Tuesday

November 27 Monday

November 25 Saturday

Partner Workout

8 rounds 15 burpees 10 toes to bar 5 front squat (165/115) *1 round is: one person does 15/10/5 then the next person does 15/10/5. Each each person does 8 rounds **There is a 30 minute cap on this workout

November 24 Friday

Burn Your Turkey Off

Partner up if needed.

Burn Your Turkey Off

45 cal bike for the ladies

Burn Your Turkey Off

4 minutes Row 500 meters with the remaining time do max reps of DB Bench Press

Burn Your Turkey Off

2 Rounds 25 Box Jumps 25 GHD Sit-ups 50 Foot Double KB FR Walking Lunge (53/35)

Odd Obect Clean- Burn Your Turkey Off

Use an odd object. Options: Heavy Med Ball or Stone Axle Bar Double Kettlebells *It's ok if you want to use a regular barbell, just put on a weight that challenges you for 20 reps. **Any option that you choose should not take longer than 5 minutes to do.

November 22 Wednesday

Alternate legs on the Split Jerk each rep

November 21 Tuesday

November 20 Monday

0:00-8:00- Attempt to Bike 125/85 Calories 8:00-16:00- Build to a heavy 6 rep Back Squat 16:00-24:00- Attempt to Row 125/85 Calories 24:00-32:00- Build to a heavy 3 rep Hang Power Clean

November 18 Saturday

Teams of 2

-Teams of 2 work together to complete the muscle ups -Deadlift should be synchronized -Air Squats are synchronized and x 3 for each round!!

November 17 Friday

3 rounds NOT for time

-You choose the weight for the yoke carry -GHDSU can be anywhere from 10-20 reps/round -Use a dball or stone for the ground to over shoulder. If needed you can sub a moderate weight power clean

November 16 Thursday

November 15 Wednesday