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October 18 Wednesday

October 17 Tuesday

October 16 Monday

October 14 Saturday

October 13 Friday

Ladies: 24 cal bike

This is NOT for time

October 12 Thursday

October 11 Wednesday

October 10 Tuesday

15 cal bike

October 9 Monday

12 minutes to establish a 3RM

Partner Workout

1 Round is: 1 Person does 10 Push Jerks and then 100 Feet Burpee Broad Jump, then the next person does 10 Push Jerks and 100 Feet Burpee Broad Jump

October 7 Saturday

Teams of 2

Alternate Rounds till each person completes 4 total rounds

October 6 Friday

sub abmat sit ups for ghd sit ups

October 5 Thursday

October 4 Wednesday

No rest between AMRAP's

October 3 Tuesday

You choose the weight

October 2 Monday

You can ride a bike if rowers are taken in the workout for the same amount of calories.

September 30 Saturday

In teams of 4: Runner acts as rabbit, complete as many reps at each station as possible. Rotate when the runner returns.

September 29 Friday


Complete all sit-up segments, followed by all row segments.

September 28 Thursday

Women do 16 calorie bike.

September 27 Wednesday

September 26 Tuesday

Alternate snatches for 20 total.

September 25 Monday

September 23 Saturday

Partner Workout

80 Cal Row for the ladies One person works at a time

September 22 Friday

Weight on the Clean and Jerk: Rounds 1-5: 165/115 Rounds 6-10: 185/125 Rounds 11-15: 205/135 Rounds 16-20: 225/145

September 21 Thursday

Partner Workout

Partner Workout 5 Rounds for time: 15 Box Jumps 50 ft DB Walking Lunge (hands at sides) 15/10 Cal Assault Bike *Partner 1 does 15/50 feet/15 or 10 Cal, then partner 2 does 15/50 feet/15 or 10 cal.....that is one round

September 20 Wednesday