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Beach season prep never stops. You're welcome

Every 3 mins for 15 mins: Incline Bench Press

3 Incline Bench Press, pick load Every 3 mins for 15 mins.

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It is what you make it...hehehe!

Alt EMOM 10 mins: Double Unders and Dumbbell Deadlifts

Every 1 min for 10 mins, alternating between: Double Under, 30 secs Dumbbell Deadlift, 30 secs

EMOM 10 Minutes Min. 1 = 0:30 Of Double Unders / 0:30 of Rest Min. 2 = 0:30 Of Dumbbell/Kettlebell Deadlift / 0:30 of Rest ...So on, and so forth until you reach the 10 minute mark. Kettle bells can be used for the deadlift as well. You pick the loading on the dumbbells/kettlebell weight

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