Deadlift the barbell until it reaches the height of your upper thighs. Without stopping the upward momentum of the bar, violently jump and shrug upwards while simultaneously pulling yourself down. Receive the weight at your shoulders. Complete the movement by standing fully with the barbell at shoulder height. Safe/efficient technique requires the hips to fully extend, while the arms are locked out, upon jumping/shrugging, and the use of a full front "rack" position when receiving the weight. A "squat" clean refers to the height of the receiving position. The crease of the hips must be below the height of the knees at the bottom of the squat. Ideally, the athlete receives the barbell immediately in the "squat" position, versus catching it high and riding it down to the bottom.


  • Rogue Beater Bar
    The Beater bar is a 31 MM bar with no center knurling and has Olympic knurling marks. The shaft is black zinc and the sleeves are bright zinc coated. This bar is not made for competitive olifts, it is meant to be the bar that takes a high rep beating where the diameter of the shaft is not essential.
  • HG Rogue Bumpers
    Plate diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard is 450mm). Collar opening: 50.40mm. Insert type: Stainless Steel.
  • Rogue HG Collars
    Our all new ROGUE HG Collars, with patented locking mechanism that will hold on repeated drops!

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Power Lifting

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